B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+ Civilian IR Illuminator


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  • Power: (1) 3V DL123A Battery
  • IR Laser Short Range: 0.7mW (Fire Button A) 0.7mW (Fire Button B)
  • IR Laser Long Range: 0.7mW (Fire Button A) 0.7mW (Fire Button B)
  • Environmentally Sealed: MIL-STD 810G Compliant
  • Housing Material: 6061 T6 Type II Anodized Aluminum/Black
  • IR Laser Class: Class 1+
  • IR Laser Divergence: .05 mRad
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B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+ Civilian IR Illuminator and Green Visible Laser – Black for sale

Built for tactical combat situations, dynamic law enforcement operations, and precise target acquisition for hunters and sport shooters alike, rest assured, you won’t find a better laser pointing system on the market today until B.E. Meyers creates it.


The Class 1 IR illuminator set a new standard for eye-safe laser illuminating systems. Class 1 Plus has perfected it by outperforming comparable systems while still adhering to rigid FDA standards. Initially designed for the ever-evolving needs of warfighters, the civilian version of Class 1 Plus, known as MAWL C1+, incorporates all the groundbreaking performance of the military version while significantly raising the bar in function.

The MAWL C1+ resolves ergonomic design issues found in most other laser systems with an offset mount that doesn’t obstruct the shooter requiring other mission-essential accessories.

The revolutionary mounting method also situates the onboard fire buttons directly over the rail clamp, ensuring easy and intuitive access, allowing the shooter to maintain a positive grip while activating the laser.

The control system’s operation is incredibly intuitive and straightforward. Rotating the front bezel exposes the appropriate emitter. “Off” means that all emitters are covered, “VIS” indicates only a green visible emitter is exposed, and “IR” tells you that only the IR pointer and illuminator lasers are exposed.

Ready in a split second, the onboard fire buttons allow you to choose immediate or admin fire. The power output control is a top-mounted tactile slide switch, providing an easy-to-determine three-position feel and action.

As easy to use with the right hand as the left, the MAWL C1+ Civilian version IR Illuminator, with its novel modular design, allows the head and butt of the system to be interchanged even in the field. This MAWL C1+ Civilian IR Illuminator model also features a tool-less tail cap, enabling battery replacement without special tools and eliminating the possibility of accidental laser disassembly that could lead to a shift or laser zero.

If you want or need the best the industry has to offer in laser illumination and pointing laser systems, you don’t need to look further, regardless of the price. The MAWL C1+ outperforms in terms of performance, ease of use, and complete functionality.


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B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+ Civilian IR Illuminator
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